If communication on the Internet declines, then the different reasons can accompany it. Though to consider the Internet as the constant way of communication isn’t necessary if of course you haven’t got acquainted with the person from other city or the country and you have meanwhile no opportunity to communicate in real life. For a start, it is necessary to learn the reason for which communication could decline. The reasons actually there can be a very large number, everything depends on interlocutors, the communication, the interests of interlocutors, etc.


The Internet communication -isa temporary phenomenon. If yesterday it was interesting to interlocutor to communicate on the Internet, then today it can bother him or just the person will cease to need communication on the Internet.


Mood. The mood can change every day, hour. Every day the mood can be a miscellaneous. The good mood creates a reason for good communication. Maybe your interlocutor had a good mood yesterday, and then something happened and his mood became another for some reason recently, respectively communication can change. Therefore from time to time it is necessary to be interested that happens to your interlocutor in life at present, can you learn the reason of change of mood.


Communication. Subjects for communication can end at the fine moment. And when to communicate there is nothing, there is no interest in communication too. To constantly support interesting subjects for communication is an art. Especially not only subjects for communication play a role, but also maintenance of the communication throughout all time. Today we meet one people, others tomorrow. From the mass of people, there will be the most successful interlocutors those which will support communication at all stages of communication and the more often, the better.


Interests and purposes. Each user has interests and the purposes and if they don’t coincide, it can lead to the fact that communication on the Internet will decline. Sometimes it is not an absolutely major factor which influences communication, but if the interlocutor has a specific goal of the acquaintance on the Internet and you are that the person who doesn’t approach by concrete inquiries rather, then most likely communication can stop at all.






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