This article is connected with a subject how to get acquainted with the girl on the Internet and the first about what would be desirable to talk. We will talk about those qualities of the guy which are pleasant to the girl:


The sense of humour. Destroys fears and complexes at girls.

Creative mind. The non-standard ideas and thoughts attract the girl.

Education. In itself doesn’t play a major role, but in combination with other qualities perfectly supplements them.

Level of culture. The culture of communication with the girl the necessary quality for any guy.

Adventurism. Sign of courage and unpredictability. Girls very much love it.

Skill. It is chosenness and success. Girls respect guys who have achieved in something heights.

Romanticism. It is what will cause emotions in the girl. Emotions are what the girl breathes.

Charm. The sexual quality very much is pleasant to girls.


Choose those qualities which you possess. You can be responsible, gentle, darling, kind, but leave these qualities for other purposes, they won’t be suitable for the acquaintance to the girl.


On a row with all your qualities the main quality which the guy – confidence has to possess. The first question you should answer now: “You are self-assured?” Call yourself by name and tell:


I am self-assured.

It seems to me, I am self-assured.

I am not self-assured.



The correct option only one – the first. If you have answered this question quite so, don’t spend the time and pass to the following subject. If you have answered differently or you realize that you indulge in wishful thinking it is a subject for you.


How do you think what attracts girls? Power? Money? Beautiful face or body? The rich inner world? – Answer: “Yes and no”. Any of these parameters signals the girl that the guy has taken place in this life as the representative of the floor, we will call them signs of success. And his self-confidence, his knowledge that he operates the world that he has the right to it is the cornerstone of the success of the guy and has this right.


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