The anonymous acquaintance on the Internet means itself that in the course of communication all your personal information becomes secret partially or completely. Everything depends on that on how many you want to be anonymous. I want to add that now there are relevant less anonymous acquaintances as with the advent of social networks people quickly get used to open information.


Full anonymity on the Internet.

To get acquainted in the network and to be at the same time completely anonymous it is necessary to switch communication to your interlocutor only. That is here communication when you ask questions works and you find information on the interlocutor. But anyway the interlocutor will want to find information on you too, it is normal. If to let him know that you don’t want anything to tell about yourself, then his interest in communication can be gone. It is better to transfer communication to a game in anonymity. Especially if you are a girl and have decided to get acquainted completely anonymously on the Internet, then you can beat everything as though that you are girl riddle and only the elite will be able to learn about you. It will be at once more interesting to the guy. All the matter is that if the purpose of anonymous acquaintance – communication in network no more, then communication will drag on long only with those whom you will be able to intrigue with the anonymity, the one who will want to solve all this who loves riddles.


Transfer communication from personal to the general. That is to transfer communication, not from acquaintance and stories about you, and to pass to direct communication as though you are familiar already. You tell what occurred today, yesterday, constantly, but who you are unclear. That is you are a person incognito at whom also something occurs in life, but about you nothing is known. This communication will suit those who look for nothing on the Internet, except communication. Therefore before communication, it is possible to ask the purpose of stay of the interlocutor unostentatiously. The banalest question: “What do you look for here?”.


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